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Sustainable Printing And The Environment

For years, Shear Color has lead the way with our eco-initiatives as Woburn's green printer. We understand that sustainable printing practices can and must exist within the commercial printing industry. Please read more about our green printing practices below.

  • 100% Windpower
    100% Windpower

    Shear Color Printing has partnered with Renewable Choice Energy to offset 100% of our electricity use through the purchase of wind power credits.

  • Comprehensive Recycling
    Comprehensive Recycling

    At Shear Color, we recycle everything possible: all office papers, used printing plates, all shop rags, waste ink, shipping pallets, plastic and metal containers - even the soda cans! All extra paper is either re-used, recycled, or donated to local schools.

  • Chemistry-free printing plates
    Chemistry-free printing plates

    Shear Color utilizes the Presstek plate-making system. This system uses high-powered lasers and compressed air to "burn" the image onto the printing plate, and then the plate is rinsed with water only. No photo-processing chemicals are required and no pollutive silver is used in film making.

  • Vegetable-based inks
    Vegetable-based inks

    Shear color exclusively uses vegetable-based printing inks. Our ink, called "biolocity" is manufactured primarily with linseed and tung oil. These organic compounds are farmed much more responsibly than soybean compounds and provide the same quality and dry-ability as petroleum-based printing inks.

  • Shear Color offers literally hundreds of different paper stocks, many of which have recycled content ranging from 10%-100%. Coated stocks, uncoated stocks, envelopes, even labels can be printed on recycled content substrates. We can also print on stocks that are environmentally certified by worldwide recognized organizations. These stocks come from paper suppliers that can provide documentation that the paper comes from paper mills that use sustainable logging practices and minimize impact on any indigenous populations and eco-systems. Please contact us today to inquire about your favorite environmentally friendly stock.